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That every part of your website strives to meet Google’s requirements. This is even more important if your pages qualify as YMYL pages. But don’t take our word for it. Google says that a page or site without an EAT is “reason enough to give a page a low quality rating.” So if you are not an expert, authority or trustworthy, your site’s page quality may be considered low. You must create content that is attractive, useful and accurate. You need to use EAT to meet the needs of quality raters and real users.


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Google wants. Be sure to check this page – you never know Whatsapp Number List when you might need a reminder to do the EAT properly. Over the past few months, you’ve probably seen the catchphrase or acronym “EAT” floating around. Although the term has been in the lexicon of many SEOs for some time, since Google’s big algorithm update in August known as the “Medical Update”, “EAT on” has gotten a lot of attention from Google, and most SEOs since then. Regularly on the lips and fingertips. Why am I talking about it now. Because the days are long before you can appear on Google overnight.

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To rank well in Google you need to grow

Your brand by building expertise, authority and credibility – that’s what EAT stands for! In this post, I’ll cover the three pillars of EAT and share Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List tips on how to incorporate each of them into your content strategy so you can rank for the top search terms in your industry. For starters, this “medical” update seems to have hit more websites offering health and medical advice than any other vertical. So famous search engine marketing journalist Barry Schwartz declared it a “medical update.” However, while this update has indeed hit many medical websites, it also affects many other websites that Google calls “YMYL sites” — yes, another weird acronym and no, it’s not a country folk singing hit confusion .

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