I want to study the impact of Core Web Vitals

Then click on your website and buy. Usually. they have a process. First. they ne to know you exist. Then. they will understand how you solve the problem and why you are the best solution. Eventually. if they’re lucky. they become customers. This is the marketing funnel . There are many ways to attract and nurture people into your marketing funnel. But content marketing is arguably one of the simplest and most effective methods out there. In practice it might look like thisLet’s say Billy wants to drive more users to his website. so he searches Google for how to drive more traffic to your website and that’s when he comes across our article . google search results Here he learn the importance of SEO in attracting traffic .

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A few weeks later. he click on a Twitter article about SEO.links and recommends our free external link query tool . Billy us this tool to see the gap in backlinks between his own website and his competitors’ websites. When he saw that he had very Phone Number List few external links. he look for videos on external link production through YouTube and happen to see our video youtube link building ahrefs By this point. he had absorb so much from our content that he decid to sign up for our trial . Even though he had never us Ahrefs before. he still felt it was necessary. During the trial. he was so impress with our tool’s capabilities that he purchas our monthly plan . You can see in this example that content marketing was critical to attracting Billy as a customer.

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┬áIf people are expos to your content through other marketing channels. they will often share it with friends and colleagues. You can see how many shares and retweets some of Beardbrand s articles have receiv top content beardbrand Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List If we assume that each of these sharing users only has ten followers on social mia. there are still thousands of new users expos to their brand. .customers Tim . our chief marketing director. once told meMy theory is that people don’t sign up for a tool and then learn how to use it. People will first learn how to use the tool and then they will sign up because they know how to use your tool. Tim Soulo Tim Soulo. chief marketing director Its even more obvious here than we do in our blog and YouTube channel .

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