How to stop wasting time with the wrong content

Have you ever spent weeks or months creating the perfect content with little response from your audience You expecte trumpets and confetti. emails full of praise. and maybe even a raise. Instead. you got crickets. While you might accept these disappointing flops as a cost of doing content marketing. they represent a huge waste of time and resources. Fortunately. agile practices offer an alternative. How to stop wasting time with the wrong content. Rather than putting all your eggs in one big content basket. you can do small experiments by releasing the minimum viable content. 


Let's define this term a bit

For now. the main thing to note is that with minimal viable content. you learn what your Special Database audience is intereste in. and use what you learn to create larger. higher-performing efforts. It is possible to create the require works. Why minimal viable content When we all starte working on horse-drawn carriages. marketing departments had huge marketing plans. Spanning dozens of pages (or slabs of stone). these detaile maps charte the team’s path for the next year or so. Meanwhile. everyone in marketing worke to release one or two huge campaigns. All hopes were pinne on the success of these big bets. 


If these campaigns fail

All that planning and work will be in vain. And someone got fire. To avoid this kind of waste. agile principles Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List require you to do many small experiments. For content marketers. that means we nee to test some small. low-risk pieces of content. see which performs best. and scale only the most successful ones. . This approach eliminates waste effort and increases the likelihood that each piece of content you deliver will wow your audience. Those small bets take the form of minimal viable content. What is minimum viable content The concept of minimum viable content comes from the agile idea of minimum viable product. “Minimal” means the smallest version that can achieve your goal. 


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