Piattaforme CMS vs Web site builder

Many freelancers and businesses don’t know or have the time to learn enough HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to code a website from scratch. With the right tools, today you can easily and quickly create a customized website that delivers good user experiences on both the front and back ends. These tools fall into two main categories: CMS platforms and website builders. While both offer built-in features, pre-designed templates, and extensions for building a custom site without coding or even knowing how to code, they present two very different approaches to creation and management of a website.

Site Builder

If there are web designers or graphic designers with geeks in the company, it may make sense to equip themselves with tools for creating websites and hosting in one place. You buy a domain, customize the look of the site and create multimedia pages full of advanced elements Buy TG Number Data such as animations and scrolling effects, all things that marketers like but which represent an obstacle to the success of an online project (Web Core Vitals). However, while you focus on the design and content, the hosting platform will take care of maintenance, security, backups. In exchange for this immediacy, you have to give up a certain flexibility. Website builders lack the content management capabilities, advanced features, and customization options found in CMS platforms. For this reason, WIX and similar are ideal for agencies, artists, restaurants, and other types of users who want to quickly create image-rich sites.


If you need more advanced features and customization options, a CMS allows you to completely control the design of a site and all the marketing functions and to integrate it Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List with other services already active in the company, depending on the content marketing strategy and oriented to a design that takes into account an editorial plan. Add multimedia content to pages, organize content by tags and categories, manage user initiatives, edit the underlying code, and much more. The process of creating and launching your site will require more attention, but in the end, you will be able to create and manage a larger and more complex site that, above all, can grow over time.

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