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Study scholarships and entrepreneurial assistance are provided to students. Ongoing support to help Mexican students further their education; Santander Language Scholarships | Open to all – German, French and Italian – CID training aimed at strengthening the level of communication skills in one of the three languages, and Santander Tander Technology Scholarships | Innovation Futures | BDU enhances the employability of participants through training in data science and web development (JavaScript), skills highly valued in the market to boost digital businesses. They are all Santan. The common goal of the scholarship programs (both in Mexico and in other countries where the Bank operates) is to promote continuous learning (lifelong learning) through initiatives open to all individuals and ages and focused on increasing the possibility of employment through professional skills improvement or professional retraining). “Our scholarship programs and initiatives reinforce our commitment to continuous or lifelong learning,

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Support a commitment to excellence and equal opportunity. We always collaborate with internationally renowned universities and educational institutions to which they contribute all their experience and expertise. Blanca, Deputy Director of the Community at the University of Santander’s Global Green Challenge, an entrepreneurial challenge for young talents in Mexico. Awarded scholarships to promote quality education. + Donated 10,000 cans of water from year to year. Smart Consumption Pillar – Path to Moderation Year Goal Year Achievements The Algeria WhatsApp number list first non-alcoholic option in the non-alcoholic consumer product mix. Label % Compliant. The first non-alcoholic option in the non-alcoholic consumer product mix. Label % Compliant. Avoid harmful consumption. Alcohol is not sold to Minors. Raise awareness about overconsumption. Avoid harmful consumption by Provide advice to advertisers integrating internal and external agency resources to form a more collaborative ad serving operating model. Publisher link

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Whether Incentive Programs Targeting Exemplary Employees Have Positive or Counterproductive Results By Dal Carolin and Tatiana Sandino Abstract This article uses data from a retail chain to examine the use of incentives offer only to exem Armenia Phone Number List plary employees. Effects of Discount Programs. Such programs combine elements of a tournament, selecting employees primarily bas on past performance, but incorporate some management discretion and linear incentives to align employees with the company’s goals and values. We find that, on average, implementation of a discount incentive program is associated with improved sales. Additionally, we found that the program was associat with greater improvements in sales and gross profits and a reduction in the incidence of adverse audits at stores where employees were initially less likely to align with company goals.

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